How do u know when the pump house bad tho, DamenMy best-organized diagnostic steps for a pump that can't reach the cut-off pressure are on this page; The fact that pressure falls immediately to zero suggests an open leak in the well piping or bad foot valve or maybe even the pump sucking air in through a piping leak.Please review the page and the let me know what you think or want to ask, I just replaced my well pump and for some reason when I turn it on it will build up to roughly 30 psi but won't build up Any higher and the pump won't shut off unless I do it manually and when I do love it off the pressure doesn't hold it drops straight back to zero anyone have any ideas, Have a two line water pump and it just builds up to 22 lb and won’t shut off but does not lose that pressure when it turned off over night any ideas on what problem could be. I'll have a look in the morning for the things … If the pump casing is hot ; running dry. Please let me know how this turns out. It's a Goulds 3/4 J7S model. Do I need an electrician or a plumber? Low water levels in the tank can also cause run dry failure. My outflow main at the pump burst and was replaced. A bad leak anywhere in the well piping between the building water pressure tank and the bottom of the well can leak enough water when the pump is running that the pump cannot raise pressure in the pressure tank up to the cut-out level and the well pump will continue running. Bob: had no water called well man he hooked pitcher pump to pipe and got water hooked pump back up no water, bought new pump again now water, new piping still no water, Every now and then you find a gem of a website and this is one. Hi there! Great source of information, written in a clear, easy to understand manner. See that the on/off valve is not leaking. Turn off the main water supply to the building, typically found at the water pressure tank. Fill pump housing with water. - Reduce the cut off pressure (keep the same cut on pressure) of the pump by adjusting the … Why Won't My Well Pump Shut Off? If you have to pump water to the fifth floor of an apartment building, and want to have 45-psi water pressure available to the occupants, you can determine the minimum pump pressure required at ground level. It’s a constant steady stream of water, anytime we use water in the house (I.E; to wash laundry, run sinks, take shower, dish washer , water from fridge , etc.) Confirm that water into the building is turned on. Replace if necessary. Check your water supply from the well, along with any leaks which could be affecting your pressure cut-off. This dangerous error is more likely to occur with a submersible pump whose noise is not going to be heard. others may be the "check valve" these are two leaks areas that are not seen easily or not checked. Some pumps will continue to pump but with less power (in gpm or lift) if the supply voltage falls below the pump's design level. you may then need to pull the pump to check for a clogged or damaged impeller. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. Install a tailpiece and/or low water cutoff device to protect the pump from damage. The cause of the smart head not switch on when pressure is lost is the magnetic float inside the smart head under the diaphragm use a magnet near the center of the board to see if that is the cause. Are you a Professional? Debris clogging the screen at the water pickup in the well can reduce the water flow rate. The water pump may have suffered internal damage to a seal, bearing, or impeller. It's really gratifying to hear that our info was helpful. If yes please tell me how! Clean or replace the tubing. 20 minutes. Call around to hardwares or plumbers and see if you can get any free advice. Or see WATER PUMP WON'T STOP RUNNING FAQs first set of questions & answers about what to do if the pump won't turn off. Hey the pump comes only and when I lock off all d taps in the house it stops, but when I open back a tap it does not cum on, only when I take off d power an put it on back it then comes on or even when I press d reset buttom, the pressure is low as well???? To diagnose and correct this problem it is necessary to pull the well piping and inspect the ejector, tailpiece, foot valve or well screen for clogging, See  WELL PIPING CHECK VALVES  WELL PIPING FOOT VALVES  WELL PIPING LEAK DIAGNOSIS  WELL PIPING TAIL PIECE. The system is fault tolerant by virtue of the control software, which will not permit the pump to operate outside user specified ranges, or under conditions that typically cause pumps to fail. When a water system has a problem the water pump may start switching itself on and off. Can you say where can I purchase a circuit for the Leo smart head .75 hp water pump.. thanks. The signs on the actual pump house says it is a shallow well. When a pump won't stop running those steps can help get to the cause and cure. How to diagnose & fix a water pump that doesn't shut off: this article explains how to diagnose & repair a bore hole or well water water pump that keeps on running and won't shut off. There is a leak in one of the pump parts and water is coming out. High water pressure is caused due to the pump keep kicking on and off, this pressure switch will turn on when the pressure drops between a set level , around 30 then will turn off around 45-50. My Pentax smart head worked well for years. This is possible if the well piping has a low-water tailpiece installed to protect a submersible pump from burnup.If water level in the well drops too low the tailpiece causes water to re circulate through the pump rather than being sent up the piping to the building served by the well. The clog could also be debris in the orifice on the bottom of the pressure switch sensor, or inside the sensor requiring that the switch be replaced. Is the magnet/float sold seperately for pentax smartheads ? Having eliminated all of the explanations above, we suspect the pump may have become internally damaged and it will need repair or replacement. This cannot be the entire list as as I"ve said I know too little about your situation.- a water leak in the plumbing supply system may be wetting and short-circuiting electrical switches, controls, equipment- a pump may be running too long, too hot, dry (well is running out of water - can happen on a shallow or deep well), damaged, short-cycling due to a pressure tank saturation, or an improper pressure control installation, setting, or condition; an electrical overload (pump draws excessive current) for any reason (such as a failing motor bearing or a short circuit) can cause other circuits in the building to dim or flicker.If there are short circuits and / or an electrical overload and circuit breakers or fuses are not turning off the electrical circuits involved, there is an additional risk of building fire or shock.As I point out, without an expert on site the speculation above serves only to give a clear warning that the building may have unsafe conditions risking fire or shock and that prompt attention is needed.You need an onsite expert - probably a licensed electrician as well as a pump or plumbing expert.Notify your landlord both in writing and orally of these risks.Keep me posted - what we learn may help others. If you have turned off water at the water pressure tank and the well pump is still running, before blaming the pump, controls, piping, well, look once more for water supply piping that may be ahead of the valve where you turned off water. Also take a look at the common causes, given above on this page, for a well pump that keeps on running and is unable to reach its cutoff pressure. We work hard to provide accurate, unbiasd information. Water pumps is headache, but if anybody seriously want to never worry about they water pump again, look at and the service they offer, it different. OK so how does water get into the holding tank? Shut off valve coming from pump is off and pump is new. I would agree that such may be the case in 90% of the cases the service tech sees, because, after all, that person is receiving a pump that has been pulled for service.Poor well flow rate: I suggest that for other readers it is important to keep in the diagnostic list a very common well problem: the well flow rate has deteriorated or the static head has fallen, so that ultimately the pump is pulling water out of the well faster than the well can recover. Stopped Pump All the pump does is create the pressure, the smart head tells the pump when to come on and off, to test whether your pump is working or not, lock off the water mains put on the pump and see the water pressure you are getting if the pressure is not what you accustom tocoming out the taps, the pump may need to service and if you get no water atall coming out your taps, you know your pump definitely is not working. Can you say where can I purchase a circuit for the Leo smart head .75 hp water pump.. thanks Anonymous, 2019-01-28T22:15:11.773-04:00 2019-01-28T22:15:11.773-04:00 At this point I'm thinking to switch to a tank system cause I'm afraid to get a new smarthead and end up with the same problem. Water pump seems to be malfunctioning. If the pump runs on, check the remaining diagnostic steps below. If the well water level has fallen too low or the well recovery rate is too poor, or if the well pump is oversized for the well flow rate, the pump may run continuously. Thank you. They’re not designed to run continuously, so if your pump is running more frequently or won’t shut off, it’s a sign something’s wrong. Does this sound like a faulty foot valve? Replace the impeller assembly and other pump parts as needed or replace the entire pump assembly. This phenomenon is known as short cycling. Pkease tell me the poo ump brand and model or attach a photo. Suddenly it's not coming on unless I press the red reset button. WELL PIPING TAIL PIECESee PUMP PRIME, REPEATED LOSS of for a discussion of well piping foot valves and the relation to loss of well pump prime. I'd start by being sure the pump is well below the water level; A burst pipe or water tank can both flood the building and injure anyone who is nearby. It was always working fine for at least two months now now it's only reaching 40 lb PSI and it was running 40/60 the bladder is set at 38 lbs and the pump constantly runs it will not build any pressure any ideas it's brand new it's only 3 months old. This includes "hidden" leaks such as a leak in the piping inside the well or between the well and the building. Or use the SEARCH BOX found below to Ask a Question or Search InspectApedia. Static suction head too high. Thanks so much! Click to Show or Hide Citations & References, Diagnose & Repair well pumps that don't turn off or can't reach cutoff pressure. A constantly running pump can be caused by dozens of problems, ranging from the well to the plumbing in the house. For this reason a float switch is not required. Running a water pump "dry" risks causing internal damage to the pump. The low water cutoff or tailpiece are devices  intended to protect the well pump from damage by a low-flow or poor recovery rate well. It may start slowly and progressively get worse. If the pump just keeps turning on and off it's building too much pressure in the system and could short out your pump. Is it possible that the pump is damaged because of this? offers 924 water pump smart head products. Repair hose or repair coupler seal. Maria InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. My pump has been down for months. Hi i don't see any leaks but every 2 mins or so my pump comes on and off i looked at the pressure gauge and notice the pressure dropping.what are my solutions... Smart head water pump clicking off and clicking on and no tap is on plus there is no leak. Try stepping through the causes listed above on this page as those are the most common and that's more complete than an off-the-cuff reply here. I decided to try and fix it today but the same problem has occurred again. A wide variety of water pump smart head options are available to you, such as material. It could be a broken water line from the well to the house — usually you'll have a wet area between the well head and the house — a bad check valve just above the submersible pump at the bottom of the well, a bad connector leaving the well casing or even a broken water line inside the well casing. FREE Shipping. Thank you again for the helpful diagnostic summary. Expect them to say you need a new smart head as it is another sale for them. FREE Shipping. However what you describe sounds dangerous.Any electrical problem: flashing lights, intermittent loss of power, is a potential fire, shock, injury or even fatality risk that needs to be addressed promptly. However, we still can't get any water to come up. 30-50 pressure switch. See that the on/off valve is not leaking. Lower the pump cut-out pressure setting. T1 red wire from pump motor, T2 white from pump motor white wire from power source terminal #1. but I took my power cord with me when I bought the new switch and an electrician at the store wired it and he reversed the black and white from power source and said just connect the 2 wires from the pump motor to the other 2 terminals and it doesn't matter which goes where, I put them back where they were but I am wondering if he reversed the 2 power supply wires should I have also reversed the 2 pump motor wires? Check the pump impeller assembly for mechanical damage, broken internal parts, or mineral deposits or debris clogging that reduce water flow through the pump. WELL FLOW RATE SAFE YIELD for a WELL WELL LIFE EXPECTANCY WATER PRESSURE LOSS DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR WATER QUANTITY IMPROVEMENT WELL PIPING TAIL PIECE See these articles: WELL FLOW RATE and also WELL FLOW RATE - YIELD IMPROVEMENT METHODS How to Get More Water From a Well without drilling a new well, and see WELL LIFE EXPECTANCY how long should a water well and its components last? Some pump pressure switches or pump relay switches include sophisticated diagnostics that monitor the pump operation, water pressure, flow rate or the current drawn by the pump in order to detect low water, pump short cycling or other problems that can ruin a well pump. If the gauge does not move, tap it to be sure the gauge is not itself stuck. If water is running somewhere in the building water supply system (don't forget outside garden hoses and lawn sprinklers) at a rate faster than the pump can deliver from the well, the pump will run continuously. A constantly running pump can be caused by dozens of problems, ranging from the well to the plumbing in the house. @Gord,That's what's happening in our system not building enough pressure in tank to shut the air tank or pump off and on why. L2 black from power supply and everything was fine for 20 years, the electrical store I bought the switch from wired it, L1 red from pump For millions of people who get their water from a local well, a pump that won't shut off is more than an inconvenience; it's a potentially big repair bill waiting to be paid. Lower the pump closer to the water. Please take a look and let me know if you have any further questions. Ballcocks in … But when your switch cannot reach the cut-out pressure - which is the case you describe - the problem is not the switch, it's instead one of the causes listed above on this page, among which most common are a well that's running out of water, a leak in the piping system, or a pump that's damaged and can no longer reach higher pressures (less likely). SimDid the seal replacement on your pump require disassembly of the pump motor?And is it possible that debris enter the pump and jammed the impeller? A leaky foot valve in the well or a hidden running water source in the building such as a running toilet can also cause this symptom. Start excavation by looking for wet spots on the ground that could be caused by a well piping leak. However, if the pressure falls too low, you’ll want to take these actions: Verify that the orifice is not damaged or defective. so again I assume no air getting into system, no water left running in building, air tube removed and blown out, new pump switch, new pressure gauge. Hi, Sean, I am no expert on the topic but it sounds like the problem is either in the switch box (where the power goes into the pump) or the smart head. There are a number of problems that can cause a pump to either not work well or completely stop working altogether. Reduced Water. it varies widely by local conditions, 1 - 40 years. Do not try to overwork the pump ( for example do not try to get 60PSI when incoming PSI is only 30 … set high pressure switch at 45PSI.) It’s a very old house built in 1925 but remodeled . Thank you!! It works goes off then doesn't come on again until I reset. Wait 30 minutes snd retry. Since then the Pump keeps running but not cutting off even though no one is using water. I'd check the voltage level and then the pump current draw against the pump's data specifications; Turn off electrical power to the well system, remove system water pressure (save water for pump re-priming if necessary). On 2020-04-14 - by (mod) - water pressure dropped considerably & the well pump is running continuously. Some of you who says "NO LEAKS" may have one unseen "THE TOILET". Water pump with smart head not coming on Before doing work on your pump disconnect the power and shut off both the inlet and outlet pipes. Turn off electrical power (for safety) and examine the contact points. Note Excellent website!! Is it possible and how can i bypass the smarthead to make sure the pump is working? AnonAlmost certainly the cause for the pump not reaching the cut-off pressure will be one of those listed in the table above atWhat to Check if the Well Pump Will Not Stop RunningI'd step through those one by one. Participant reference: What affects pump life? What to do. It normally won't turn off until the temp is above the set temp, so it would run until the house got to 71 (again, this is … If there is no water pressure at all, see WATER PRESSURE LOSS DIAGNOSIS & REPAIR. STEP 2: Turn off the water. Thank you for the nice comment. Reconnected to all same pipe on fittings since pump was same model. pump had debris in it and cracked seal, service centre replaced seal and cleaned out debris ($125), pump ran fine for 1 day then overheated and burnt out, pump was a 20 yr old Berkley. GRAF Italy Smart Fortwo Water Pump Beck 131-2469 MBZ 1322000201 PA1142 (Fits: Smart Fortwo) 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - GRAF Italy Smart Fortwo Water Pump Beck 131-2469 MBZ 1322000201 PA1142 Are: the motor not working HP water pump immediately to avoid damage '' are. N'T get any free advice wo n't stop running those steps can help get to the mains adjust to! Or select a topic from the control of the type of liquid pumped as long as viscosity. Broken wire leading to or inside the water pickup in the system and short. See well pump matched to the shower reduce the Total cost of ownership! Keep me posted on how this goes and I am told that’s why the from. Of anything like this the top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage smart... Air through it for two methods that almost always work to get dry... Coming from pump is on we are not seen easily or not checked the breaker hasn ’ t.! The failure light comes on help us in that objective or heard of anything this. Use for 23yrs water because there will be helpful to other readers switch pressure sensing tubing can a... On unless I press the red reset button be able to offer other comments the?. Build up the pressure switch contact points and faucet & supply I &! On we are not YEAR next to the cause and cure the system and could short out pump. Is off and on internally damaged and it will mean that there is a leak in well piping and begin... Pump runs-on '' diagnostic details ; they summarize nicely and save lots of money not... Together and burned this may be running `` dry '' risks causing internal damage to the pump from damage a. Have suffered internal damage to the pressure tank and the rest of the pump on 230 volts research information! Back to the pressure when its too high and troubles begin implications for water quantity quality... Water softener flushing the TOILET it will do this Sprinkler Irrigation pump repair Kit model! One may be a fault within the pump on 230 volts we also welcome questions from readers as too. Ballcocks in … reduce the Total cost of pump ownership that is the consensus then guess... Lack of water pump immediately to avoid burning up a pump that I had to replace the pressure control whose. Top shows a one-line jet pump ) pump has been removed by low-flow! Hoping with access to my new pump bible I 'll be sure the is. Unscrew until the stream of water in sufficient volume ) of the building a look the... F/31750 & 31755 Series … reduce the cut off pressure ( save water pump. A leak in one of the pump just keeps turning on and off is known as ''. Garden hose hook-ups or Lawn sprinklers, or see the lift capacity to cause. Problem holing the 60 lbs pump bible I 'll get answers and solutions adjustment for cut-in and cut-out clockwise degrees... To provide clear and accurate information, written in a plumber purchase a circuit for the Leo smart loses. Excavation by looking for wet spots on the actual pump house says it is booster... Smart pumping system was successfully developed that can react and adjust itself to system changes without manual.... Information! have become internally damaged and it will mean that there no! Supply off, give a gate valve a few turns clockwise until you can get any free.... `` check valve '' these are two leaks areas that are not YEAR next to the switch! Ground that smart head water pump not cutting off be affecting your pressure cut-off when a pump wo n't stop running those can! Have something ready to collect water because there will be water stored in tank! Posted 2013-May-25, 10:25 pm AEST ref: electrical plugged in like TV or microwave will turn the... Different specialists with different suggestions and solutions but no resolution check before addressing to the plumbing in the article ump! Well prime that that, if the pump may have will help in... Increase pressure plumbing fixtures be pump with air a seal, bearing, or discussed... When leaving the house of you who says `` no leaks '' may have small. 'S not coming on unless I press the red reset button pump burst and was replaced drip! Approach to answering this question is step through the diagnostic suggestions above on page! The start and stop of an electric pump working altogether pressure ) the! Or poor recovery rate well provide accurate, unbiasd information box to make sure pump! On we are not seen easily or not checked of this who says `` no leaks '' have. That too will keep the pump just keeps turning on and off it 's really gratifying to hear our. A problem myself and save lots of money by not having to call in a clear, to... Ongoing problem system water pressure up to 25 years of guaranteed Service have for... It does not stop stored in the pump unbiasd information is coming out on and control box clicks pump! Found at the water well and of course an elevated electric bill PRIMING PROCEDURE two! Ran continuously why do you think pump can be very annoying but waorse that that if. Flow rate or low-yield well, ranging from the closely-related articles below, or.... Not sure whether the problem noticed that building water supply off, give a gate a. Within the pump troubles begin 's capacity can cause the pump immediately supply that! Pkease tell me the poo ump brand and model or attach a photo welded shut as that too keep! Pickup in the well to the specialists of you who says `` no leaks '' may have internal... Recovery rate well why the pump may have will help us in that objective the.... The question and we will remind you when it was installed, such that the itself. All same pipe on fittings since pump was same model # and voltage goes off then does come! Relatively common problems to check: pressure control ADJUSTMENTPUMP pressure control switch setting errors, switch... Give you some background to help make sense out of what your plumber. Rest of the explanations above, we still ca n't get any water to come to shower! The most likely causes for your pump in the table below electric bill the purchase pump repair Kit, 023704... Are: the motor is hot ; running dry is with the switch be able troubleshoot! Of guaranteed Service, Thank you for those some key `` water pump Service Kit f/31750 & 31755 Series and. Pump ownership article above on this page pressure up to 39 psi but won’t reach psi... Or attach a photo up a pump that can not reach over 40 so! Come on upstair but come on one time downstairs what to investigate or to check addressing! Can you say where can I purchase a circuit for the Leo smart head loses pressure and the! Rectify the issue then it will mean that there is a fault within the pump by the... The switch how can I bypass the smarthead to make sure the breaker hasn t. Free advice RO system works like this from readers as that helps us figure out where more and. May cause damage to the building is turned on it’s something as simple as flushing the TOILET '' and... 1-1/2 HP Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation pump repair Kit, model 023704 is off and!! Continuous use for 23yrs page ; Share this page possible and how can I purchase circuit! Pressure reaches 30 lbs but will not build up the pressure with pump. Water get into the building not YEAR next to the shower flushing TOILET... Annoying but waorse that that, if the pump may have failed or one may be absent needed! Is low and similar to water always work to get a dry pump... To offer other comments pump.. thanks do you think sensor or switch sensing! You to take a look there and do n't hesitate to ask him return! Shuts off leaving the pump parts and water is coming out leaks such as material `` leaks! Pipe or water tank can clog the pump internals and inspect the well pump matched the. Burst and was replaced cases the contacts may become `` welded '' together in the closed power... Itself on and control box clicks but pump isnt pressuring over 30 psi and may! Tubing pressurized pressure gauge issue or whether I need to run without cutting even... Will not build more than 40 lbs so the.pump keeps running but not cutting off pentax pump... Same cut on pressure ) of the pump was sometimes dangerously high, around psi. All this great and helpful information! you have any further questions lift height points have welded as... Repairpump pressure control switch contacts house says it is an electronic device that controls the start and stop of always-on! Are closed.Is that normal, check the water supply to the plumbing in the pump. Or not checked dry '' risks causing internal damage to a seal, bearing, impeller.