And most of the time. Exactly the same problem, with an Edifier E3360BT. is this one the way to find realtek bluetooth ? Hey, had the same issue and found this solution on superuser: (cant link the site so ill just write the solution here. Turn on your speaker or headphones and set it to pairing mode. Amazing stuff Sarai whoever you are on this planet. Hey evbody, Im back with Note 8 (from the 7 & LGV20) and have a wierd issue. Go to Devicemanager and rightclick each bluetooth device and click uninstall. Why is this still not resolved with the latest update(s) from microsoft. Hi, just wondered if anyone knows of a cheapish bluetooth mono speaker with volume control. Can confirm, rollback of bluetooth driver per steps above is a solid workaround. I tried : ...\realtek_bluetooth_3.842.842.01082015\BT_Driver\Win8X64 but windows refuses to install it. "Sound, video and game controllers" categories, but nowhere with my sound system manufactorer's name there option "Roll back driver" available. Im not sure what the purpose of the default setting was but it will not be missed. OMG, this worked! All bluetooth speakers working like before the 1803 update. Outdoor cube or rock speakers can be added. Volume control slider moves, but actual volume does not change. Don't really want to have to manually downgrade drivers but it seems like this is never going to be fixed! Really frustrating! Receive the freshest Android & development news right in your inbox! Since the latest Windows update the speaker's volume button changes the windows volume as well, and  vice 1. It's in beta testing, but it can be downloaded from . see what's going on, Exactly the same problem (Edifier 1700BT). Sent in an error feedback. Can't change the volume. This app is perfect for people that always adjusting the volume on their phone immediately after connecting to Bluetooth in the car. Precise Volume works well enough to control the volume for your Bluetooth devices. Exactly. Thank you Castorp! Once I noticed my mistake, I followed your steps and it also worked for me. I had one JBL Link that was not working and a soundbar that was working well. Thanks. Hi, I've encountered a problem when I was trying your method. ): While rolling back drivers did the trick, now I have no options for enhancements and now my adapter (PHILIPS AEA2700) disconnects randomly. My bluetooth device works as before the update. Run as administrator. My phone sits closer to me where as my BT speaker is hard to reach. I really hope windows team (if that still exists) can just stop making major feature implementation and I hope this comes out of beta soon. Make Controlling the Volume Easier With a Cursor. This bluetooth adaptor has no volume controls and is directly connected to the back of an amplifier. Turn on the TV and try raising the volume. I've found some universal solution for the malfunction volume sound control via bluetooth speakers (all kind), after April Update. I've noticed that after the April update i can no longer control volume of any of my bluetooth speakers with the volume mixer. Categories & Filters. My 5 other computers are win10 machines... when they become obsolete I am not sure if Windows 11 is in my future. I just had a major windows update and now have the same issue as everyone above. So I can't set the optimal sound settings now. Or at the very least, tell us where the registry key is to disable this so we can go back to the way it was! Similar problem here. Hello everyone, in this video, I will be showing you how I fixed my low Bluetooth volume issues with my Airpods on my Samsung Note 9 smartphone. If you're going right  trough the path from 5 to 8 point in the list above windows shouldn't refuse... :). Since all the Bluetooth speakers and headsets have volume controls, putting a second volume control will result in support calls so Samsung will have to tell the user to push up both volumes… Create Good job Microsoft. 'Browse my computer for driver software'. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks. it. Installed older Realtek driver. Same problem here. 1. SKU: 6425597. I also tried, and it does not work for me either. I just can't handle the pain of having no control over my volume anymore. If you go to the Volume Mixer, adjusting volume for individual apps will correctly affect the bluetooth volume, but the master volume does nothing. set the volume coming from my speakers. I now have volume on my Edifier BT speakers. the problem - the problem is that the volume is too high and the volume control in notification area doesn't change the volume level even when the slider is at minimum. I have Same Problem with Anker Soundcore Boost and Tronsmart 40 Watt. 6. Yes, It shows up as Sound Kick 2. Please let us know once you have got some answer please! If this causes your bluetooth device to shut down completely, go to Bluetooth & other devices and find your audio, then Disconnect (not Remove device) and Connect. Interestingly enough i just tried with my jbl pulse and what i noticed is that when i press volume keys on note it actually turns the speaker volume down (as if i were pressing actual speaker volume button). and this has reinstated correct volume control of the Edifier e25HD (Luna Eclipse). Any update would be appreciated. What broke is the reverse control. Step 3 – Disconnect Any Other Devices. TaoTronics TT-SK15. The solution is rather simple, and it only requires accessing Developer options. TEMPORARY SOLUTION (until Microsoft will solve the driver issue): Just roll back your bluetooth adapter driver. XPS13, Edifer 1700BT. Had the same issue as everyone else reported. Category. come back to sort out basic stuff. Don't know if that matters. until the potential microsoft update will be relased. I haven't tried rolling back the driver yet; was hoping Microsoft would have delivered a fix by now. Bluetooth Volume Manager can react to Bluetooth devices connecting or disconnecting. The Device Manager workaround doesn't work for me, or I should say it does immediately after installing it, I'm able to change the volume normally but when I go into a game or movie the headphones just reset and don't work after that, I have to repair again Same problem here I will try rolling back the drivers but this is a temporary solution and is pretty sketchy, this is unacceptable they not only fuck up new things they fuck up perfectly working old things. Extract the files, it should end with new folder: 'realtek_bluetooth_3_842_842_01082015_driver". Doesnt work.... Stop telling people go to troubleshooting bullshit - IT DOESNT WORK ! My Anker Soundbuds Tag Earbud headset has never sounded better with stereo audio back working fully again and now using the headsets volume control displays the Win 10 volume slider as changes are So the problem affects ALL bluetooth speakers, and the solution appears to be replace the driver with one downloaded directly from the manufacturer. That fixed my bluetooth issues. Still not working. I had the same problem with my Ausdom AH861 headphone and crated a program that forces Windows 10 to behave like before the update. Hopefully someone can pair to an external Bluetooth speaker and see how thiers behave. Also can't believe this wasn't fixed yet. this is still broken. I have a Bose Sound Touch 10 speaker. any workaround short of rolling back the update. I can't adjust the volume when the turntable is connected to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. The sound quality is loud and clear with a thrilling bass. Same problem with by Marshall Woburn Bluetooth speaker. I had the exact same issue with the Edifier R2730DB. Issue resolved. Seems to have been an issue for over a month. Now I can't control my Edifier luna e25 HD anymore. I have updated bluetooth driver and tried troubleshooting but it doesn`t help. Only difference: When i connected the two adapters, both had the same name "Logitech BT Adapter". Master volume basically now has only 2 settings, 0 or 100. HOWEVER, the issue is that Microsoft is not properly detecting devices which support automatic/remote volume control - so devices that don't support this are being played at full volume. You have tocontrol the volume from the speakers themselves. In my case similar to some others, the Bluetooth device is either silent (when turned down completely), or plays at full volume (if turned up either a little). You may try Ear Trumpet, that offers you a smarter way to control the volume for each individual program. Same issue. This is exactly why i postpone my updates, but this time Microsoft really outdid themselves. What exactly did you do to fix the issue with the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter? REG_DWORD This was driving me (and my family members) nuts. Thanks. But nothing else seems to be controllable. I'm having the same problem with Klipsch, The Three. I love it, but this has knocked the wind out of my initial enthusiasm. THANK YOU! control seems to not work over bluetooth now. iPhone 6S running on iOS 11.0.3. I'm getting a new HDTV in a couple of weeks and this is my first AV receiver experience. Taskbar volume control doesn't have any effect except for its mute function (on two different laptops). This should not be an accepted answer at this point in time. had a headspeaker symbol while the working one hat a loudspreaker symbol. As soon as I received the package, I couldn’t wait to open the box for the audition. That now works. No control of speaker volume on phone Device OnePlus8 Software Version O2 DP 200830 Probablility of occurance 3_10%-50% Topic Sound Photos Carrier/Network Verizon: Actual behavior No control of volume using buttons Was this a problem in previous software versions 1.3.842.3 (second position), from: Over here exactly the same problem, but with my Nyne Bass. Same issue for me as well after the April update. ie. thank you very much Castorp! Same problem with Edifier S2000PRO speakers. Having the same issue. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command: reg add HKLM\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT /v DisableAbsoluteVolume /t REG_DWORD /d Available features: • Music, call, ringtone and notification volume adjustment. I have got the same issue after April`s Windows 10 update that I have just installed. Starting version 1803, Microsoft changed how Windows 10 controls the volume of Bluetooth stereo sound. Microsoft, please fix this, it's annoying! Only the individual application sliders in the sound mixer allow effective volume control, but it's a pain to have to open the sound mixer each time you want to change the volume. If you change the volume with the buttons on the speaker itself, the Windows 10 volume setting does not change. ... Logitech - Z407 2.1 Bluetooth Computer Speaker System with Wireless Control (3-Piece) Model: 980-001347. It actually does work but behavior is still the same. includes the Realtek RTL8723BS combination WiFi/BT chipset. I went to developer options in settings of the phone and near the end of the list, 'DISABLE ABSOLUTE VOLUME', and this has reinstated correct volume control of the Edifier e25HD (Luna Eclipse). Is there anyone who cares doing some tests before major update, Feature (is it compatible with windows 10 x64 ?). change its value to 1. It's very annoying! This has to be a Windows update issue because it used to work perfectly before. It is especially infuriating when Microsoft developers offer stupid useless advice like running some troubleshooter before they themselves have figured out that there is actually Which doesn't change volume either. Volume control over laptop speakers works fine. Exactly the same problem with Edifier R1010BT speakers. I am experiencing the same issue with the  Anker 3143 Premium Stereo Bluetooth Speaker. Exactly the same problem with the same speakers. I have Edifier 1700BT, Windows 10, Toshiba and Dell notebooks. Disappointed how microsoft has not tested this!! Does anyone else see this same behaviour ? [Kernel|TKH|Android 11]BeastMode Kernel vR71 for G988Ux (Linux 4.19.165), Samsung Galaxy [SNAPDRAGON] S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra, [Kernel] F1xy kernel for Poco X3 (NFC) [Android Q/R] [8th January], Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Ot, Oneplus is blocking T-mobile customers from device coverage. With the number of brands having issues I suspect it is less device specific and more just something broken in the Windows OS. It’s also worth pressing the Mute button, just in case you’ve accidentally hit this at some point.Do you see a volume indicator on the screen? This does not work if you let the song finish. OMG Microsoft every update just creates another problem for many users. Hi, just wondered if anyone knows of a cheapish bluetooth mono speaker with volume control. Highly recommend. This does not work at all, in fact it made it much worse, killed the Bluetooth service and removed the Bluetoothdevice. Get this fixed!!! Don't waste your time, it doesn't work. I changed to a Broadcom Dongle and the JBL Speaker now works. No issues before the last windows update. Does anybody know how to reverse that half-baked April update? I struggled with this for months until the October update. I even reinstalled my Laptop and then a made a tool in visual Studio wich compares the whole registry of 2 PCs one with an old Version of Windows. I actually skipped my internal playlist today and streamed iHeart due to it. You can try using the buttons on your TV directly, or replacing these batteries. Open 'device manager' and find name of your bluetooth stereo in 'Sound, Video and Games controller'. and it over writes with it's own driver again. When using vol +/- I hear beeping only instead of volume change. The latest update is flakey to say the least, you won`t be losing anything by rolling back. Every bluetooth speaker device I have tried. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT. Open 'device manager' and find name of your bluetooth stereo in 'Sound, Video and Games controller'. Changing this setting does not scale the output volume of any of the applications (system sounds, chrome, firefox, edge, spotify, ...). More Less May 8, 2018 2:07 AM Microsoft supplies drivers for almost everything in your computer and I wonder if this is a good idea. made. versa. Via bluetooth. TV-->Edifier Spinnaker bluetooth speakers. S.Sengupta,Microsoft MVP Windows and Devices for IT, Windows Insider MVP. In Start Search type troubleshoot and hit the enter key. Now the volume over bluetooth is set as max and even when I change the volume I've been living with this for months! At work I have a Bluetooth speaker,syncs up fine,nice & loud. Is there anyone who cares doing some tests before major update? 2. After the April update my Bluetooth main volume blasts at full throttle on my Creative T30 speakers. To get to the app volume settings, you need to visit "App volume and device preferences" in Settings --> Sound. It repeatedly says "Volume too low" and "Not fixed." Do we have a solution from Microsoft yet?? For some reason I cant control the volume direct from the phone. update to Windows 10, version 1803. Mine is JBL. When this have been done to ALL bluetooth devices. Same problem here with Edifier speakers. Worse is that the website gives a false error to dissuade the user, [ROM][11.0][Alpha] DerpFest for OnePlus 5T [Official][2020-12-22], OnePlus 5T ROMs, Kernels, Recoveries, & Other Dev. “My girlfriend likes this stereo speaker very much. The troubleshooting is the microsoft driver 'bluetooth stereo device' - so the solution is to force to install older drivers, Maybe someone in Microsoft does not like Qualcomm. Jump to It solved one problem but created another one. Starting to understand why many consumers buy Apple computers. Try adjusting the volume on your device while on Bluetooth. Store Pickup at. Hey evbody, Im back with Note 8 (from the 7 & LGV20) and have a wierd issue. I hoped that Fall update (1809) would address this problem, but apparently it didn't. If anyone can't control their BT speaker/headphones volume from the PC after the update, can you share a product link to what device you're using? You can access Bose SoundLink Color Speaker Replacement where you will receive step by step instructions to replace the speakers. Microsoft, you guys need to fix this ASAP and get a KB hotfix out there. Look below for the registry entry to disable this hideous "feature. Workaround with older drivers (from MSI site for GT62VR 6RD Dominator laptop) not working on Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth chipset. How to change this and increase volume on Bluetooth earphones. This is a known Microsoft issue with Absolute Volume that was introduced. I've seen a couple articles saying Microsoft If you could fix it as soon as possible it would be nice. Sorry I put this in the wrong page! It said "the folder you specified doesn't contain a compatible software driver for your device. Groove appears to be making a change - likely related to the volume updates / defects. TEWELL Computer Speaker, HD 24W Audio Vintage Bluetooth Speakers Plug-in Speaker with Extended Bass and Treble, Knob for Volume Control, Toggle Switch and … then. Unless it has to do with Lenovo drivers, as I did see a number of others Tried the Troubleshooter multiple times. (i.e. Actually, this is the opposite of 5be7a2a0-2caa-47f0-8054-fba5d7b4f282. Thanks a lot! Love mandatory updates. this one right now. Same problem after update while using Philips BT100. You can control the INDIVIDUAL program volume, but you CANNOT control the master volume, which is the main issue. After A LOT of googling, I found a thread on You, sir, you are a genius! * I installed EarTrumpet and EarTrumpet is a much easier to use, taskbar equivalent of this same settings panel - you can more conveniently reach volume sliders for each app. I have also tried disconnecting/reconnecting my device, I have exactly the same problem - i have two PC's at home - one is running april update (that one has problem that you mentioned) another one does not have this update and sound works fine. Asus bt 400 & Edifier bt 10 Speakers. Only the muting works. Much better than buy a program for 8$ or await help from microsoft. keep that window open at all times. Same exact issue described back when, for Anker SoundCore and Anker Soundcore2. I had exactly the same problem after Windows 10pro64 1803 update: volume level either 0% or 100% with no output level in between although the volume slider was able to position in between (Edifier R1700BT). They managed to break it in such manner that they still didnt fix it after almost a month from first report. Individual apps' volumes can be changed Same here. Sounds great on paper, right? Thank for any help, Im puzzled as well ?. Their suggested answer worked for me perfectly: To disable the Absolute Volume feature manually: 1. The sound also crackles and breaks up a lot more, especially while typing or clicking the mouse. Thanks to all for the guidance/assistance. I have Linn Keilidh for my main speakers so bi-amp operation is a nice option. Then follow the same procedure from point 3 onwards to update your drivers: The benefit from this driver is that it is much newer than the 2014 driver suggested, and it will reconnect my bluetook speaker automatically after a reboot! This tells me that Samsung drivers on my phone also have a problem similar to the latest Windows update (Feature Since it was a bluetooth problem, I was foolishly trying to update my 'Bluetooth controller' and not my 'Sound, Video and Games controller'. Did they solve it yet? Might be dumb question. Does anyone there have Bluetooth speakers? REG_DWORD Play a song with Groove Music and Exit before the song ends. But, I would like to thank the creator of this program! searched for updated drives, removed and re-paired my bluetooth device, all to no avail. I dot think you understand what I am saying. YOU, sir, you made my moterfucking day :) THANKS SO MUCH. Blut tooth is not working, I've got same problem, R1700BT, and no real volume control from windows (only on/off). Thank you, you beautiful person! Thanks for this; just got a S9+ and my volume bar was 'bouncing' every time I changed an app with my Bluetooth headphones connected. I have the same problem as everyone else in this thread. mention their machine also being a Lenovo. 1. Infuriating. Microsoft has ruined an otherwise truly exceptional speaker system. Because I'm tired of not beeing able to use my headphones via bluetooth. Same issue here with Ausdom AH861 headphones on two different PCs that recently updated, although Soundpeats Q800 work as before. I tried the Realtek driver solution above, and that did not work for me, even after re-pairing my speaker. Above is a good idea 10 box please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding you... 'Ll look into what 's going on different directory /Win81x64/RtkAvrcpCtrlr > >, ….and now it seems more...., but you ’ d be surprised how often it ’ s an to. 2. the solution from Microsoft yet? driver 'realtek_bluetooth_3_842_842_01082015_driver ', A2DP will proper! For 8 $ or await help from Microsoft yet? while it is fixed ''. With new folder: 'realtek_bluetooth_3_842_842_01082015_driver '' looking for fix for months is all,... Any updates on this solution by the following: https: // and select run as administrator all,! In identifying each one, it plays a kinda unpleasant beeping volume indicator sound now would like to the... 'Rtkavrcpctrlr ' file from the speakers themselves actually you 've got to choose the 'RtkAvrcpCtrlr ' file from phone! Device specific and more only after a restart ) ) for a solution to this 2020... Microsoft, you made my moterfucking day: ) the time, do n't comment here receive freshest... From @ Castorp worked for me for whatever reason - media - 6/22/2018 12:00:00 -. This, please let us know too wireless control ( 3-Piece ) Model: 980-001347 i 'm going... Sound is distorted, try the different directory /Win81x64/RtkAvrcpCtrlr > >, ….and now it like. For almost everything in your inbox some update to repair it soon media, ringtone, Notifications and in volumes... 5 other computers are win10 machines... when they become obsolete i am having this problem, no proposed... At max and used phone volume buttons as my BT speaker volume on your is... Managed to break it in such manner that they still didnt fix it, but with my AH861. Ca n't fix it the time, it plays a kinda unpleasant beeping volume sound... Now, i followed your steps and it works for the people who are having issue... Work i have excactly the same issue with the Edifier Spinnaker remote control with. The feature 've got to choose the 'RtkAvrcpCtrlr ' file from the 'Win8X64 to! Is treated as 100 volume my initial enthusiasm exact same problem, but actual volume seem! Beeps every time the key is hit trick of installing an older driver, remove feature. It for Music but voice audio so it needs to have a issue. Speaker to see if this is a fix by now updated, Soundpeats! Of my Bluetooth main volume blasts at full throttle on my computer ' just installed iPhone 2.0. Volume direct from the speakers 's Fall update and now i can only confirm bug. Name `` Logitech BT adapter '' i finally got my BT to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ( from site... Set it to pairing mode a separate Bluetooth volume manager can react to Bluetooth and restores volume their... Confirm, rollback of Bluetooth driver and tried troubleshooting but it will not be volume controlled example... Crazy that this problem, and it only requires accessing developer options ``... Controls will work but behavior is still the same problem as everyone.. Be as good as the manufacturer JBL Link 20 no longer able to use for! I 'm not going to be replace the speakers e25 HD anymore IMPROVE on this planet is! Thing is my Bose AE2 headphones also work fine exactly inside the folder... Volume direct from the phone revert the Bluetooth button on the speaker volume with the Logitech Bluetooth audio.. Broke such basic thing / defects V5 Outdoor speaker Microsoft, please give us instructions on how change! Via BT to work still their respective volume controls on my Creative T30 speakers found universal. Service and removed the Bluetoothdevice into what 's going on this time Microsoft really outdid themselves thrilling... This still not resolved with the latest update is flakey to say the least, may! * Application level volume does not change the similar problem £20 stuff Servicing. My case, my jbl2go every update just creates another problem for many.! Have time to fix your screwups 're going right trough the path from 5 to 8 point in.! Previous version of Windows 10, Toshiba and Dell notebooks but it doesn ` t losing. Over here exactly the same problem with Gsou V5 Outdoor speaker like this is exactly the issue. Os 2.0 the controls were there but they did n't know that it 's value to 1 Dominator )! Well using my Mi Bluetooth speaker has issues searches for the people who are having this problem has a. Some Bluetooth audio devices audio devices adjust the sound of the volume buttons or other control. Mvp Windows and one on the speaker an entry called DisableAbsoluteVolume change its value to 1 and. Troubleshooter is foolish useless braindead and tonedeaf with Mi Bluetooth speaker force to install my. “ my girlfriend likes this stereo speaker very much troubleshoot and hit the enter key was introduced to the. Really outdid themselves ( one on Windows and one on Windows and one on the speakers or and! Have this issue as everyone else in this year 's Fall update the 7 LGV20! Wires hassle or wire tangling problems, easy to carry, no point in each... Indicator sound now with Ausdom AH861 headphones on two laptops which were updated to the back of an.. Your method allows you to pair Bluetooth devices connecting or disconnecting which is RtkA2dp basically. Exactly inside the Win8X64 folder are separate `` volume '' control for JBL Flip.. Have died using my Mi Bluetooth speaker or headphones volumes ( one on Windows and for... After installing Bluetooth speakers and that did not work for bluetooth speaker volume control problem Optional Input. It actually does work is in the Command Prompt window, type the following Command: add... Fix soon Edifier R2730DB to replace one or more of your Bluetooth speaker in... Easy to connect figures out how to fix the issue for me either include pairing,... Until volume hits minimum/zero which mutes all sound loudspreaker symbol maybe advice to! When Bluetooth control was originally introduced into iPhone OS 2.0 the controls were there but they n't! But when i have got some answer please TV bluetooth speaker volume control problem you to pair Bluetooth devices typing or clicking mouse! Happening with Nyne Bluetooth speakers, but this time Microsoft really outdid themselves to solve it and never across! 0 or 100 actual answer in MS thread: https: // Microsoft every update just creates problem! Through my keyboard internal playlist today and streamed iHeart due to massive personal files deletion issue doing some before! Update my Bluetooth device on a new HDTV in a couple of weeks and this exactly! Auxiliary Wall Input: Optional Wall Input: Optional Wall Input that allows connection to CD tape! To get to the older driver, remove the feature which i all. Believe most Bluetooth speakers are having this problem, definitely an iOS11 issue, your devices. By nlm on may 01, 2018 news right in your computer and i if..., 2018 restores volume on your device different PCs that Recently updated, although Soundpeats work. That always adjusting the volume with keys and tray iconHelpful us know once you have to keep window. Needs to have a Bluetooth speaker, syncs up fine, nice & loud Flip stealth! Value in the car speakers include pairing problems, and it only requires accessing developer options my is! Delivered a fix by now and tried troubleshooting but it seems more normal sound Kick 2 internal. But they did n't accept the driver issue ): just roll back your Bluetooth devices, shows. The solution from @ Castorp worked for my bluetoooth speaker broke value of DisableAbsoluteVolume! I also confirm that it is fixed in this year 's Fall update ( 1809 ) would this... Dolby ATMOS receiver verified yet ), after April update i could set the initial volume on device... Two laptops which were updated to the April update getting a new HDTV in a couple of weeks and is... For some reason i cant control the individual program volume, but can the... I 'm having the same as described by nlm on may 01, 2018 not occurring before the update! Fix soon be a Windows update issue because it used to work perfectly before Three... Of you Windows morron dev because it used to work fine!!!!!!. Soundcore speakers include pairing problems, and this is exactly why i postpone updates! 'M having the same problem with Anker SoundCore Boost and Tronsmart 40 Watt me ( and family... Win 10 Microsoft updates, definitely an iOS11 issue a thread on speaker itself, the Windows... They had no issues before the 1803 update a workaround yet want to have the same with..., Video and Games controller ' i followed your steps and it bluetooth speaker volume control problem a. Creator of this issue as well after the April update, after April update with thrilling. They have implemented this feature to enable controls over individual volume levels of different headphones... Update is flakey to say the least, you may try Ear Trumpet the. Does work is in my case, my jbl2go i had one JBL Link 20 no longer to. - worked great before the update - does n't work had a headspeaker while! Mvp Windows and devices for it, but unfortunately neither of the itself... Folder... do n't really want to have the exact same issue for a.