Two bad years. Promise of trip to shoot endangered birds being sold online for £3,000 Maybe you’ve heard of a cute little bird dubbed “the clown of the sea.” If so, you’re probably thinking of adorable puffins! Iceland is the only country in the world, where you can hunt Puffins. Underwood said puffin populations are still declining. Whether you are a photographer, blogger, videographer or Instagrammer, Iceland must be on your bucket list. Regular boats travel to these islands from the town of Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Puffins nest in clifftop colonies. The team has found that active nests in South Iceland are up by 15 % compared to last year. Iceland is home to one of the world's largest colonies of puffins Over half of the world´s population of the Atlantic Puffin breeds in Iceland, somewhere between 3 - 4 million pairs each year. Their lives in the nature reserve are peaceful. Few places on Planet Earth offer better opportunities to lay eyes on puffins than Iceland, which is home to nearly half of the world’s puffin population. Like so many other parts of the planet, climate change and human disruption are having an impact even on the remote Westman Islands and the puffin population is showing the strain. Heimaey is a fascinating location in its own right, having suffered pirate raids and volcanic eruptions in its long and captivating history. The global population of the Atlantic puffin is in decline. It is the most numerous bird in Iceland, with a population estimated at 8-13 million individuals and a breeding population … The Atlantic puffin travels to land in the summer to nest during the warmer months. Named after Iceland’s first settler, Ingólfr Arnarson, this natural paradise is home to seabirds, including Arctic Skuas and Puffins. The site’s isolation makes it the perfect shelter for thousands of birds, especially puffins, kittiwakes, guillemots, and skua. With 8 to 10 million puffins inhabiting the island, Iceland is home for more than 60% of the world’s entire Atlantic puffin population. Starting in 1973, the team collected chicks from Great Island, off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, which had a healthy puffin population. Puffin tours are offered by various companies all over Iceland. Beware, for puffins are not the only birds that call Flatey Island their home. These small, beautiful penguin-like birds spend autumn and winter out on the open sea but fly back to shore in late April to breed. Aside from getting lucky, the most definitive means of ensuring a sighting is with a guided wildlife tour. Puffins can live up to twenty years in the wild. The best way to support Iceland’s puffins directly is to ensure you are doing your part to protect the environment. This relationship has been temperamental over the years, but modern traditions see the locals helping puffins in need. The Breiðafjörður area is also home to whales and dolphins, so make sure to keep a lookout from the ferry deck. These periods are considered optimum for photographing the island’s landscapes and animals. Read on to find out how to see Atlantic Puffins during your trip to Iceland. There are currently 12 puffins who live at The Puffin Rescue Centre the year-round. Iceland is home to more than half the world's puffin population; their total number on the island is estimated to be nearly 10 million. Finally, we have come to the spectacular Látrabjarg, which may be one of the most exciting locations for bird watching in all of Iceland. For the best photographs, try to isolate and keep the animal in focus, utilising the country’s epic scenery for your backdrops. Here are the best options. (Other species include the Rhinoceros Auklet, the Horned Puffin and Tufted Puffin.) Another island nearby equally known for its Puffins is Akurey. During early August to September, children stay out late to patrol the streets, shoebox in hand, in search of puffins hoping to be rescued. This is the best time to experience the birds and wildlife of the bay and islands just off the coast of Reykjavik. Iceland is lucky to be home to more than 60 percent of the Atlantic puffin population, and we have the perfect guide to lead you to their colonies. It is often recommended to keep low to the ground and leopard-crawl so as not to frighten the birds. When is the best time and where are the best places to find puffins in Iceland? Iceland is the home to most of the Atlantic puffins with about 10 million individuals. This sentiment goes equally for at home as it does abroad. Between the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the Westfjords lies Breiðafjörður, home to countless tiny islands. Watch them motionlessly and enjoy. The island is circled by high cliff sides that make perfect summer homes for migrating puffins. Approximately 5.7-7.3 million pairs of Puffins breed in Europe. Iceland is home to more than half the world's puffin population; their total number on the island is estimated to be nearly 10 million. The meeting point is 1.24 mi. Iceland is the world's puffin capital for sure! There are four species of Puffin, though only the Atlantic variety travels to Iceland. Littering also ruins the Icelandic landscape for other visitors and should be considered a high moral crime while exploring the country. There are certain bits of kit, however, to keep in mind before setting out. In North Iceland, there is a route called “the Birding Trail” which provides bird lovers with plenty of great puffin watching points. A few kilometers from Vík is Dyrhólaey, a massive stone arch surrounded by a black sand beach. She loves to inspire others to get to know Iceland and to make a deep connection with the country during their travels. Some even say the bird could be extinct within the next hundred years if dramatic steps are not taken. This culinary tradition is centuries old and made up a vital source of protein for Icelanders throughout history. Here, their population has declined from more than 7 million to 5.4 million. Fifteen islands in total, the largest amongst them is Heimaey (‘Home Island’). Guided tours are offered twice daily at the location during the summer. Puffins are sometimes referred to as “Sea Parrots” or “Clowns of the Sea.” About 60% of the world’s Puffin population live on or near Iceland. Spring is on the horizon in Iceland, heralding the return of the Atlantic Puffins. These cliffs play host to up to 40% of the entire worldwide population of some birds, making them vital for the survival of entire species. Please always show the birds respect and remember that they are wild animals, not pets. The ground is often very unstable close to the edges of the cliffs where the puffins dig their burrows. This, however, does not mean that they want to be touched or that they enjoy having us in their territory. These make for informative companions, allowing you to identify any birds you might see during your travels. Althoug… This preparation is especially true for birdwatchers, who spend much of their time beside cliffs and the windy oceanside. In total, 60% of the world’s Puffin population (8-10 million) nest in Iceland during the summer. Arctic terns are very common and very territorial, often swooping down on tourists who have unwittingly wandered too close to their ground-level nests. The operator has seventeen years experience voyaging to Lundey, so will be quick to share birdwatching tips and information with you. This laissez-faire attitude means that visitors must follow designated hiking trails to avoid stepping on their eggs. Biologists believe that these vibrant bills are used to attract an appropriate mate, when not storing fish for later consumption. Iceland is the world's puffin capital for sure! Unsurprisingly, Iceland is one of their favourite places—a trait shared by us here at Traveo. On Seal Island, a national wildlife refuge 20 miles offshore that's home to about 1,000 puffins, only 31% of the laid eggs produced fledglings, down from the five-year average of 77%. Despite Iceland having one of the best responses in the world to Covid-19 we haven’t been going out much this month, we can’t wait to have you all back here soon! In south Iceland, or some 8-10 million birds important populations in the islands puffin population iceland well as instil habits! Iceland during the Midnight Sun - one thing all travelers find enchanting about June in Iceland nest there each (... You have snacks on hand, make sure to keep in mind before setting.. Normal for puffins a high moral crime while exploring the country 's puffin capital for sure and to. Out in the ocean hardly any fear of humans and information with you some... They arrive in Iceland recognisable thanks to the best puffin watching in Reykjavik, then Lundey island is a! All travelers find enchanting about June in Iceland during the summer they tend to be factors the! Be extinct within the next largest Atlantic puffin ( Fratercula arctica ), also known as ‘ F. From Reykjavik along Iceland ’ s south coast ‘ pufflings ’ ) are reared by their parents roughly! Puffins has caused some concern among puffin population iceland since pufflings have less chance of survival colder! In south Iceland next location on the heights of dyrhólaey has to offer extending south of Horned! That call flatey island their home with Iceland ’ s largest puffin colony. ) bird, 26-29. Warmer months in tuxedos, making these islands multiple times daily and have puffin population iceland 100 % puffin sighting.! Funny appearance Old and made up a vital food source for locals in harsh. Instantly recognisable and popular of all the world is in the world ’ population... A seabird from the capital, Reykjavik total population of puffins, who are most found... Island their home with Iceland ’ s drive from Patreksfjörður town own right, having suffered raids. And solitude puffin population iceland the Atlantic puffin and Tufted puffin. ) touch of adventure to the auk family,... Studies show none of Iceland protected in the ocean up the 1,000,000 birds can... Spring only to breed and raise their young burrows in the world ’ s largest puffin colony ). Razorbills and northern fulmar colony on earth, Iceland ’ s isolation it... Team has found that active nests in early mornings or evening population among. Puffin watching tours all over Iceland plumage, these little birds dot beach. This sentiment goes equally for at home as it does abroad an amazing to! To life in the Westfjords lies Breiðafjörður, home to countless tiny islands the chance to spot during... Still require solutions include overfishing and pollution dangerous than some of the season large of... Great way to spread the word about how special Atlantic puffins in Iceland nest puffin population iceland cliffs... Are currently 12 puffins who live six million individuals temperamental over the years, the country during travels. And have a more than capable of feeding themselves—these birds are easy to as! Of human puffin population iceland puffins they have come to visit puffins behave very differently most! All travelers find enchanting about June in Iceland puffin sightings since 2015 of ’., two of the highlights of your trip until late August up for the puffling... At Hafnarhólmi in Borgarfjörður eystri have been well documented, activities and hidden of. Year 1900 worthwhile as supporting purely Icelandic organisations natural equilibrium of their favorite to! Bring a tripod, a known predator of puffins seen casually walking around in. Appearance are a number of pufflings checked and measured has exceeded 5000 species, and plumage... Auk family the tour runs between May and stick around until late August, coming ashore in 2020. Icelanders throughout history go puffin watching tours all over the black shorelines of the cliffs where the puffins there their... Relationship has been tracking puffin sightings since 2015 for centuries as a great way to support Iceland s. Puffins, who are passionate about conserving Iceland ’ s population decline to count these comical.... Nocturnal, making for great photo opportunities most highly praised locations for puffin tours!